Release Date: 16th August 2009
 0.2 MB 
Version: 1.1 
Category: Games (Puzzle & Board)
Languages: English 
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch 
(2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later 
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Welcome to Decrypto, our addictive game app for iPhone and iPod Touch.  Use Logic, Skill and Memory to prove you are a mastermind at this feature packed take on the classic peg and board game.  Can you crack the hidden code? 

The game starts out easy, and to crack the safe code you need correctly line up three columns with the correct combination of code breakers 

Don't get too comfortable though.  The game difficulty soon ratchets up to a very scary level.  Only true Decrypto logic masters will be able to open safe codes which have combination locks that are up to 8 columns wide, each of which having a choice of up to 10 code break items!!!!  

Only the very Elite should dare tackle the game in Expert mode!

Choose between code breaker options such as Color blocks, Roman Numerals or Egyptian Hieroglyphics to change the difficulty and feel of the game on the fly.  And then, if you feel brave enough, try moving up from Easy through Normal. Hard and Expert levels.   

We will be constantly updating  Decrypto with new and exciting features.  Already in progress for the next planned releases are the following additions:

- Extra Decrypto KeySet Graphics to complement existing colors, Numerals and Hieroglyphics
- Beat the Clock Mode for timed levels
- Multiplayer Head to head contests

If there are any other additional features you would like to see us add, then please feel free to request them via feedback and we will do our best to add them for you.


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Actual Reviews from the iTunes App Store:

"Very Cool, Love the Concept" - 5 stars, 21 Sept 2009

"Overall a great game, especially for the cheap price of a buck" - 5 start, 23 Sept 2009