Release Date: June 1 2010
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Version: 1.0 
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Languages: English 
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)

Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later

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The developers of the popular 'Contraction Timer and Fetal Kick Counter' Application are proud to release Baby Diary (Feeds, Diaper Changes, Sleep & Pumps), your one stop logging solution for tracking all your infant's essential functions. Its key features enable easy tracking and reporting of the following areas:

* Feeding Times: Easily record all you baby's breast and or bottle feeds.

* Diaper Changes: Record time and type of all Diaper changes.

* Naps/Sleeps: Record all your babies sleep either manually or with the built in timer, to maintain a log of sleep/wakeup times

* Breast Pumps: Keep track of what you pump for storage and later use in between feeds.

View key statistics and info for each data type tracked. i.e. Total Sleep time today; which side baby fed on last, and for how many minutes; diaper type (no.1 or 2!) etc…

In addition to key data you can also view the entire log of records entered for each type, and choose to look back at any day in the past too. All screen functions are designed for one handed use, for ease while mother performs her tasks. T

he same developer who built our contraction timer application for his pregnant wife, is now sharing this app with her while she nurses their young daughter. We already have several enhancements in the pipeline based on this usage, and will continue to build upon the features available as a result. As always we also value all your feedback on how/where we can improve this application in other ways too.

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