Release Date: 06/13/2009 
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Version: 1.3 
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later 
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A reliable Contraction Tracker, plus a Fetal Kick Counter application for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Two useful products in one for your pregnancy!

Chances are, if you are reading this, that you and/or your partner are well on your way towards the life changing day when you get to welcome the newest member of your family to the world.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, we wish you all the best!

This application provides several simple to use tools, all designed as aids for certain key points as your pregnancy progresses. Our focus was to make the tools as simple and easy to use as possible, knowing that the times when you use them will involve distractions and quite possibly painful episodes too.

* Fetal (foetal) Kick/Movement Counter. 
Use on a daily (or as frequently as you like!) basis to monitor your baby's kicks and movements. Your doctor knows best for your specific condition, but as a rule of thumb you should be able to discern 10 noticeable movements within a 2 hour window. This tool will allow you simply to keep track over those movements to help you ensure all is well. You can browse out to check your email, or change your music playlist while you monitor, and the counter will keep track right where you left off.

* Contraction Interval/Duration Timer. 
With just a single button tap required to indicate the start and end of your contractions you will be able to track your progression towards 'true labor' without having to cope with complicated functions as you are most likely distracted by more important pains and feelings.

Again, your doctors know best for you, but the well known 5-1-1 rule (contractions occurring 5 minutes apart for a sustained duration of 1 minute for an hour) is the kind of contraction monitoring you will most likely be asked to perform. In addition to tracking both the intervals between, and durations of contractions, this tool will also allow you tor track the intensity of the contractions too. Simple counters display all the figures you need, and include session averages as well as a graphical representation of whether or not you are trending nearer to your goal or not.

*Contraction Log 
See all the data you've recorded for each session in a single dedicated screen, graphically representing times, trends and intensities for each contraction and interval.

* Hospital 'To Do' Checklists. 
Save having to worry about those little things you may forget when the time comes to make your way to the delivery ward. Our quick checklists list the most useful items to take to make the whole delivery process as smooth as possible. Separate sections show individual lists for the mum to be, her partner, the baby, and any siblings who are about to get a new brother or sister too.

A bit of background: 
The member of our team who wrote this application, was doing so primarily for his wife. She is currently entering her second trimester, and they are expecting their second child. They are excited about the coming months, and being able to use this tool for themselves too! This time she won't need to be scribbling on bits of paper to keep count, like she did last time around!

A quick look forward: 
We will continue to actively develop this application, and already have plans in motion for several exciting additions to the tool in upcoming releases. In the meantime, we encourage your feedback on any features you would like to see us add (or change) for future versions that would make it even more useful and simple to use.


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